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Ronald Raymond "Ron" Boudreau


Ronald Raymond "Ron" Boudreau

Subitement à Toronto, le mercredi 3 janvier 2024, à l’âge de 59 ans, est décédé M. Ronald Raymond « Ron » Boudreau. Il demeurait à Toronto. Né le 23 décembre 1964, il était fils de Jeannine Boudreau.

Outre sa mère, il laisse dans le deuil un oncle, Aurèle Boudreau de Tracadie; un cousin, Bobby Boudreau d’Alberta, ainsi que plusieurs cousins, cousines et de nombreux amis.

La famille recevra parents et amis à compter de midi, le mardi 20 février, à la Maison funéraire Robichaud & Fils, 3875, rue Principale, à Tracadie. Une célébration de la vie aura lieu à la Maison funéraire Robichaud de Tracadie le même jour, soit le mardi 20 février, à 14h. Les funérailles seront diffusées en direct sur la page Facebook de la Maison funéraire Robichaud et fils.
Heures de visites: le mardi 20 février, de midi à 13h45.

Vous pouvez envoyer des messages de condoléances sur notre site web (




Ron Boudreau Obituary, Death Cause – The city of Toronto is mourning the loss of Ron Boudreau, a former photographer at Exclaim, whose lens captured the vibrancy of the arts and music scene in the city. The news of Ron’s passing has cast a somber mood over the community, as friends, colleagues, and admirers reflect on the legacy of a talented individual who played a crucial role in documenting the cultural tapestry of Toronto. Ron Boudreau’s obituary unfolds as a tribute to a life dedicated to visual storytelling and artistic expression. As Toronto reads through the details of his life, there is a collective sense of sorrow for a man whose passion for photography left an indelible mark on the city’s creative landscape.

The circumstances surrounding Ron’s death become a source of shared grief and reflection. Toronto, known for its diverse and thriving arts community, is now grappling with the absence of someone who not only documented its cultural evolution but also contributed significantly to its narrative. Ron’s obituary serves as a poignant reminder of his impact on Toronto, showcasing a career that spanned years of capturing iconic moments and influential figures in the arts and music scenes. His work at Exclaim, a prominent publication covering music and culture, provided a visual chronicle of the city’s dynamic creative spirit.

As Toronto unites to commemorate Ron’s life through memorials, exhibitions, and shared expressions of grief, the community finds solace in coming together to honor a photographer whose lens told stories that resonated with many. Colleagues and admirers gather to celebrate Ron Boudreau’s life and the visual legacy he leaves behind. The cause of Ron’s death becomes a poignant reminder of the transient nature of life, prompting reflections on the importance of cherishing the artistic contributions that enrich the cultural fabric of the city. Toronto rallies around the idea of preserving and continuing Ron’s legacy, recognizing the lasting impact he had on the visual storytelling landscape.

Condolences pour in from fellow photographers, artists, and the Toronto community, underscoring the profound influence of Ron Boudreau’s work. The outpouring of support becomes a testament to the interconnectedness of the arts community, as individuals join together to mourn the loss of a creative visionary. In commemorating Ron Boudreau’s memory, Toronto pledges to continue fostering a vibrant arts scene that reflects the passion and dedication he brought to his craft. The obituary stands as a tribute to a photographer whose lens not only captured moments in time but also contributed to the artistic soul of Toronto, leaving an enduring imprint that will be cherished by generations to come.

Author: Israel Jackson